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Member registration (free of charge) is required to use the member services provided by us. Upon application for member registration, users are required to click the “Agree” button for the Tech Directory Terms of Membership (these “Terms of Membership”) and the Privacy Policy providing the handling of personal information, or agree thereto by other methods designated by us.

Article 1 Definitions
  • (1)

    “Members” means users of the Site who register (“register” or “registration”) their personal information and other information requested by us, and are approved by us.

  • (2)

    “ID” means the registered e-mail address on which the use of the services for Members is based, and “Members” means users whose IDs are registered. We will identify whether or not a user is a Member by matching the ID and password.

  • (3)

    Members are deemed to agree to and approve all the conditions of these Terms of Membership and the Tech Directory Terms of Use upon the registration of information necessary for the use of the services for Members.

Article 2 Members
  • (1)

    Information requested by us upon application for Member registration will differ depending on the services to be used. Members will be classified into an “E-mail Magazine Subscription Member,” “Viewing Member” and “Exhibition Member” depending on the services available to the users; provided, however, that a user is required to agree to the Tech Directory Terms of Exhibition in addition to these Terms of Membership to become an Exhibition Member.

  • (2)

    We will not change or otherwise revise any registered Member information unless users or other persons whom we determine to be equivalent to users so request, and unless we approve such request; provided, however, that if we determine the registered information that is subject to disclosure to be inappropriate, we may change or delete the relevant information.

  • (3)

    Upon the suspension of the services pursuant to Article 4, we will, without giving notice, delete the registered information of the relevant Member after saving such information for certain period of time.

Article 3 Registered Information
  • (1)

    An E-mail Magazine Subscription Member and a Viewing Member may change their registered information at any time. An Exhibition Member may change his or her registered information only after he or she requests us to change or delete such information and we give consent.

  • (2)

    With respect to services requiring our approval upon the application for registration, a user who is waiting for our approval is referred to as “Temporary Member,” and a Temporary Member is equivalent to a Member unless otherwise designated; provided, however, that a user who is unable to obtain our approval will no longer be a Member after we so notify such user.

Article 4 Suspension of Services

We will discontinue the provision of the services to Members within the period that is possible and reasonable to the operation of the services in any of the following cases:

  • a )

    if a Member takes prescribed procedures for withdrawal from membership, or indicates to us the suspension of the services by other methods;

  • b )

    if a person whom we determine to be equivalent to a Member so requests, and we approve such request; or

  • c )

    if we otherwise determine that there are unavoidable reasons due to operational necessity.

Article 5 Interruption or Termination of Services

We may interrupt or terminate all or part of the provision of the services for Members without the approval of Members due to maintenance of equipment for our own reasons or for other unavoidable administrative reasons, or due to a failure of the provisions by a telecommunications carrier of the services used by us.

Article 6 Members’ Responsibilities
  • (1)

    Members shall use the services at their own option and responsibility.

  • (2)

    Members represent and warrant that their registered information is true and correct, and shall promptly update their registered information at their own responsibility so that such information is always up to date.

  • (3)

    Members shall be responsible for the information registered by such Members. We shall not be responsible on behalf of Members for content consisting of information of the registered Members that is posted, or disclosed, provided or sent to others on the Site (which means information, data, documents, software, music, pictures, images, videos, messages or characters; the same applies hereinafter), and we shall not manage the content.

  • (4)

    Members shall be responsible for managing their passwords. We recommend Members to change their passwords on a regular basis. We do not allow any Member to lend or transfer, or share, his or her password with any third party. Unless a Member who registers as a company shares its passwords within the same company at its own responsibility, the Member who made registration shall use its passwords for its own use. We will not be responsible for any occurrence of damage arising from use, fraudulent use, lending, transfer or sharing of passwords.

Article 7 Collection of Personal Information

Our purpose of collecting personal information is as set out in the Privacy Policy on the Site.

Article 8 Provision of Registered Information to Third Party
  • (1)

    Services for Members provided by us may include the provision of registered information to a third party. The details are as set out in the Privacy Policy on the Site.

  • (2)

    The recipient of personal information or any other information provided by us pursuant to the preceding paragraph shall manage such information with due care of a prudent manager, and take procedures necessary for proper management of personal information, and shall not allow a third party to use, disclose, leak, lose or falsify (“Leak, Etc.”) personal information. If we determine that there is a problem in management of personal information, the recipient shall cooperate with us to investigate such problem. If Leakage, Etc. or other troubles occur with respect to the information managed by the recipient, the recipient who causes such trouble shall be responsible for resolving such trouble. If we incur damage (including attorneys’ fees) due to such trouble, the recipient who causes such trouble shall immediately indemnify us for such damage. The recipient who causes Leakage, Etc. shall, at our request, immediately return all information received from us or dispose or delete such information in accordance with our instructions.

  • (3)

    We will provide personal information of Members only for the purpose set out in the Privacy Policy on the Site. If the recipient uses information provided by us for purposes other than such purpose, the recipient shall be required to obtain the approval of the relevant Members (unless the recipient uses the answers to questionnaires previously including the questions for it). The recipient shall not provide personal information provided by us to any third party irrespective of whether by distribution, transfer, sale or other methods.

  • (4)

    The matters regarding the use of Our Services may be disclosed as part of the services by the method not identifying an individual.

  • (5)

    We may entrust Member information in whole or part upon the delegation of operations necessary for provision of the services.

Article 9 Amendment to Terms of Use

We may, at our discretion, amend these Terms of Membership separately from and independently of other Terms of Use and individual provisions from time to time. We will notify the details of amendment by indicating them on the Site. If Members do not agree to revisions or amendments, Members shall suspend the use of Our Services. The revisions of or amendments to these terms become effective immediately after they are posted on the Site. It is deemed that Members agree to the revised or amended terms by continuing their use of Our Services, and the latest terms of membership will prevail.

Article 10 Transfer of Agreement on Terms upon Business Transfer

If all or part of Our Services are transferred by us to other companies, all of such services will be automatically transferred to the transferees.

Article 11 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Membership, are governed by, and are construed in accordance with, the laws of Japan irrespective of the countries or areas where Members reside. The Tokyo District Court has exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance over any claim.

Article 12 Translation of Terms

If a translation of these Terms of Membership differs in interpretation from or contradicts the Japanese version of these Terms of Membership, the Japanese version will prevail.