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  • Coffee Packaging Stand Up Pouches Coffee Packaging Stand Up Pouches
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    We offer high quality stand up pouches which are FDA Approved. These stand up pouches are mostly used for coffee/tea packaging, food packaging, pet food packaging, rice packaging and many more.

    Target industry: Food/Beverage Food Service/Hotel Other Manufacturing

    Bags And Pouches Pte. Ltd.

  • Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains 『Green Drain』 Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains 『Green Drain』
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    The “Green Drain” is an odour and insect barrier cover to be placed over drain holes at food processing, pharmaceutical or other factories. Without using insecticides, it physically prevents insects from emerging from drain holes. Prevents unpleasant odors where factory drainage water is discharged gravitationally. As the “Green Drain” doesn’t contain any insecticides or chemical repellents, it’s ideal for food processing or food container manufacturing factories, where such solutions are not recommended. * For details, please download our catalogue or contact us.

    Target industry: Food/Beverage Medical Supplies/Biotechnology Other Manufacturing

    Sumitomo Chemical Asia Pte. Ltd.