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  • NK-3500 : Selang Fleksibel Tipe Kopling Tuas NK-3500 : Selang Fleksibel Tipe Kopling Tuas
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    Merupakan selang fleksibel dengan kopling tuas pada kedua ujungnya. Cocok untuk mengisi dari tangki penyimpanan ke tangki pemindahan.

    Target industry: Woodworking/Wood Products Energy Electricity/Gas/Water


  • extra long plug socket screws extra long plug socket screws

    Target industry: Precision Equipment Other Manufacturing Woodworking/Wood Products

    Shenzhen Shi Shi Tong Metal Products Co., Ltd

  • Refining of Hydrocarbons Refining of Hydrocarbons
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    We develop practical technologies of membrane separation process that separate and recover hydrogen, aromas, olefins, normal paraffins, etc. at high concentration from petroleum fractions and off-gas. ■ Olefin / paraffin separation: Even if the molecular weight is high, straight-chain hydrocarbon can be preferentially permeated. ■ Propane / propylene separation: Propylene selectively permeates to propane. It is possible to construct a hybrid process that make energy saving even possible if propylene concentration is low. ■ Isomer separation: By separating normal paraffins from raw materials (light naphtha) with a purity of 90% to 80% or more, increasing production of high value-added products (olefins and aromas) is expected.

    Target industry: Chemical Materials/Products Medical Supplies/Biotechnology Woodworking/Wood Products

    Hitachi Zosen Corporation

  • Termite control service with Xterm Termite control service with Xterm
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    We introduce reliable professional contractors who are trained to apply termite baiting system developed by Sumitomo Chemical. 1. Eliminate termite colonies in 4 to 5 weeks 2. Noise-free 3. No drilling, no chemical spraying 4. Handy bait station 5. Bait consists of compressed cellulose

    Target industry: Construction Woodworking/Wood Products Food Service/Hotel

    Sumitomo Chemical Asia Pte. Ltd.