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Precision Equipment Electronic component/Electronic device


Electronic component/Electronic device

  • Hyper Gel Sheet/Gel Tack Hyper Gel Sheet/Gel Tack
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    [Hyper Gel Sheet main features] • Made of ultra-soft elastomer material, this product offers excellent energy absorption • Absorbs more than 90% of impact with its excellent durability and strength • Retains great anti-vibration characteristics even when frequency or temperature changes • Softer material than standard rubber • Washable and able to be used repeatedly → Washing will neither degrade the gel nor damage the sheet After forming the sheet to a certain width, the Hyper Gel Sheet can be used as a damper to absorb machine vibration, or it can be shaped into washers, making the most of the material’s softness, elasticity and transparency. [Gel Tack Main features] • Ideal for preventing furniture from falling during earthquakes • Gel Tack has passed our in-house magnitude-7 seismic tests • The gel itself possesses strong self-adhesive properties, and is widely used in vibration/shock absorbing and cushioning materials • The self-adhesive properties of this urethane gel allows repeated stick and peel off without leaving any adhesive residue behind • Contains no plasticizer and leaves no adhesive residue behind • Can be used for suction pads • Surface resistance value is 10¹⁰Ω / □, with anti-static effects • Washable and can be used repeatedly

    Target industry: Semiconductors/LCD/FPD Industrial Machinery/Devices Precision Equipment

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  • Alumina Wafer / Alumina Substrate Alumina Wafer / Alumina Substrate
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    We provide you high purity alumina wafer according to your specifical requirement by material development and machining technology. If you have any questions , Please push " Inquiry ".

    Target industry: Semiconductors/LCD/FPD Precision Equipment Information/Communication Devices