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  • High Pressure Autoclave High Pressure Autoclave

    We manufacture High Pressure Reactors, High Mass Transfer Stirred Reactors/ Autoclaves along with magnetically coupled, seal-less agitator. We offer easy to operate flameproof / non-flameproof control panels with PID controlled electrical heating & cooling arrangements. These control panels indicate parameters like pressure, temperature, agitator speed etc. with very high accuracy. Also, through these panels we can set alarms for high pressure & high temperature set points. Rupture disc, Safety relief valve provides over pressure protection ensuring the safety while operating equipment at high pressure. We also offer completely integrated skid-mounted process systems. These systems are available with automatic (fully automated) or manual temperature, pressure, RPM, gas & liquid flow controls etc. We also offer PC based SCADA software to continuously monitor, control and record various parameters . An optional pneumatic lift is available on the floor stand model. These high pressure autoclaves are designed with special Agitator, which generates very high gas liquid mass transfer area, by recirculation of headspace gases. These are especially designed for Hydrogenation and various other high-pressure gas-liquid reactions. Also they can be used for various laboratory, academia research, R&D and production purposes. We have a wide range of high pressure autoclaves/ reactors from Lab scale to Pilot scale applications with extensive range of accessories. We offer Ex-proof / CE / PED / ASME certified systems as per requirements. Along with standard size high pressure reactors, we also design customized reactors and pressure vessels for pressure up to 5,000 psi and temperatures up to 1200°F Contact us to design the right setup for your specific need.

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