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  • DC Brushless Canned Turbine Vortex Pump DC Brushless Canned Turbine Vortex Pump
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    The DC brushless canned turbine vortex pump is 1⁄2 the size and 1/3 the weight of existing pumps. It’s compact but still generates high pressure. Smaller size allows more flexible installation. Suitable for use in aircraft, where light-weight devices are required to avoid excess weight, or as in-vehicle equipment, or to be mounted on moving parts. [Features] - Max flow: 20L / min - Max discharge rate: 0.6MPa - No leakage with seal-less structure - Maintenance free and reliable - Rotating number control is a standard feature For details, please contact us or download our catalogue.

    Target industry: Automotive/Transport Machinery Industrial Machinery/Devices Industrial Electrical/Control Equipment

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