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Food machine/Related equipment

Food machine/Related equipment

  • 60ml PET Test Tube 28410 Neck 60ml PET Test Tube 28410 Neck

    Neck: 20 Weight/g: 10 Shoulder V/ml: 75 Overflow V/ml: 80 Diameter/mm: 36.5 Shoulder H/mm: 86 Overal H/mm: 102 Material: PET

    Yuyao Running Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

  • HACCP compatible products High speed roll up door "Smoother" HACCP compatible products High speed roll up door "Smoother"
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    More eco-friendly, more easy to use. "Smoother" to meet customers' requests The seat shutter is quickly opened and closed to minimize air flow in and out, so it is outstanding for insect-proof, dust-proof and energy saving measures! Adopted a pipe type that can withstand windy strong outdoor places and indoor inside and outside pressure difference. Like the pipeless type, the seat prevents malfunctioning and wasteful opening and closing, and prevents dust and air from flowing in and out from the deflection point.

    Target industry: Other Manufacturing Retail Transportation/Logistic/Warehouse

    UNIFLOW Co., Ltd.

  • Large Capacity IH Cooker Large Capacity IH Cooker
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    100 plates of handmade type fried rice to be cooked by several minutes The machine to be operated as fine temp. control and quick response by IH specialty Using for many cooing modes such as boiling and stir-frying of vegetable and others Pan to be tilted for both sides as requirement of HACCP

    Target industry: Food/Beverage

    IKC Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

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    Simply by driving over it, this soft gel mat removes dust and dirt from the tires of indoor heavy vehicles. LIFT-MAT® is so innovative, it can be installed without double-sided tape, and used repeatedly just by wiping it with a wet cloth. Introducing LIFT-MAT® will not only remove dust and dirt from tires, but will also improve the cleanliness of your factory floors. 1. Strong structure incorporates core materials → Able to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles 2. Easy maintenance with just wet wiping 3. Can be used repeatedly → After being wiped with a wet cloth, the mat will regain its adhesive capacity for repeated use. No operational expense. 4. Incredible dust removal rate of 99% → In swab tests, after 1000 runs over the mat, the removal rate of ATP + AMP is 99% of capacity when brand new. 5. No double-sided tape required → The natural adhesive properties of the gel helps stick the mat to the floor, with no adhesive residue remaining. A light-vehicle type, used for dust removal from the tires of light vehicles or shoes, is also available. Washable and able to be used repeatedly, LIFT-MAT® has longer durability compared to conventional peel-off mats, providing significant cost reduction. Please contact us for more details.

    Target industry: Food/Beverage Semiconductors/LCD/FPD Medical Supplies/Biotechnology

    Exseal corporation., ltd.

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