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Building materials

Building materials

  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Bacterial Vinyl Floor Sheet made in Japan Anti-Virus/Anti-Bacterial Vinyl Floor Sheet made in Japan
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    "Anti-virus/anti-bacterial vinyl floor sheet made in Japan" can be expected to have a long-term effect by blending anti-fouling coating layer with high anti-virus/anti-bacterial components to form a uniform layer. There is also a rich lineup that also has functions such as non-wax, superfouling resistance, chemical resistance, and shock absorption, and it is also used in hotels, commercial facilities, public facilities such as schools and libraries, various medical and welfare facilities. In addition, by combining with our anti-virus wallpaper and anti-virus curtain, it is expected to be more effective against infection.

    Target industry: Construction Hospital/Medical/Welfare Trading/Distribution


  • 《Made in Japan PVC leather》Alcohol resistant / Hypochlorous acid resistant 《Made in Japan PVC leather》Alcohol resistant / Hypochlorous acid resistant
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    "SINCOL's PVC (PVC resin) leather" is a high-quality PVC leather with functionality such as alcohol resistance and hypochlorous acid resistance. Recently, there are increasing opportunities to disinfect at medical sites, restaurants, or even at home. However, ordinary PVC leather is very vulnerable to alcohol, which causes the effect and cracking of the leather, and hypochlorous acid, which is effective for disinfection against viruses, also causes discoloration and fading of the leather. In particular, do you have any experience of "immediate color transfer" or "cracking" using inexpensive overseas leather? "SINCOL's PVC leather" solves all such problems. We have a large number of PVC leathers compatible with alcohol and hypochlorous acid. *For details, refer to the product characteristics column or the catalog. *We handle a wide range of interior products such as wallpaper, flooring and curtains. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

    Target industry: Hospital/Medical/Welfare Food Service/Hotel Education/Research Institution


  • Eco Fleece Eco Fleece
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    "ECO FLEECE is a wallpaper made from fleece (non-woven fabric) and pulp, and it is painted with water- based paint process in the factory. Since it is plasticizer-free, it is extremely safe, and it is also excellent for installations. Also, It does not gather dust because it is not a conductor that attracts static."

    Target industry: Construction Trading/Distribution


  • High speed roll up door 'JETTER' High speed roll up door 'JETTER'
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    We suggest you to install indoors or Jetter where there are many pedestrians.

    Target industry: Construction Retail Food Service/Hotel

    UNIFLOW Co., Ltd.

  • wboad wboad
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    Target industry: Other Manufacturing

    Wood Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.

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