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    Date of publish:19/02/2015
Distributors wanted

We introduce Japanese manufactures who are looking for distributors in Singapore.

Regarding more information of wishes of distributors/terms and conditions of business, etc., please ask through “Inquiry” button given in each company page/product page.


Products and services

  • Pin header Pin header

    The collective name for terminals (Pins , Sockets, Jumpers,) that are mounted on PC boards. Wide variety of products, round pins, square pins, jumper. We commit to providing product on a timely basis that meet our customer's demands. Furthermore, through the proses of designing our products, we proceed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, and we continue to serve society and make social contributions.

    Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd.
  • High Precision & High rigidity, Gearhead RD2 series High Precision & High rigidity, Gearhead RD2 series

    Nabtesco's precision reduction gear is a reduction gear for precise motion control which uses a planocentric reduction gear mechanism. This reduction gear design has advantages in rigidity and resistace against overload with a compact body due to a large number of simultaneously engaged gear teeth. Furthermore, minimal backlash, rotational vibration and low inerita lead to rapid acceleration, smooth motion and accurate positioning. Features: - 3 input options : straight (RDS), right angle (RDR), pulley (RDP) - Solid shaft & hollow shaft - Pre-lubricated - High accuracy (backlash 1arc.min.) - High shock load resistance (withstands 5 x rated torque) - Good accel. performance (up to 2.5 x rated torque) - Usable in a wide range of applications - Total 131 models Lineup: - Rated torque 58 N.m ~ 3,136 N.m - Allowable staring/stopping torque 117 N.m ~ 7,840 N.m - Reduction ratio 1/31 ~ 1/253

    Nabtesco Corporation
  • High Performance Thermal Control System High Performance Thermal Control System

    SDK Thermal Control System controls DUT temperature by transferring heat directly to DUT through thermal stage. SDK, with full responsibility, manage designing of the total system from thermal to mechanical (test stage/fixture),realizing the best optimized system. The system is compact, desktop style, just weighing 20kg. It's quiet, causing little vibration, not requiring compressed air.

    SDK Co.,LTD
  • NABCO Sanitary Control Automatic Doors NABCO Sanitary Control Automatic Doors

    Nabco provides optimum automatic door systems suitable for various locations such as food processing plants and hospitals where sanitary control is required. Due to changes in eating habits, the internationalization of the production and distribution of farm products, and the increase of imported food, the number of different types of food poisoning affecting consumers has been on the rise. The types of food poisoning related to sanitary control such as food poisoning caused by Salmonella, O157, and staphylococcus aureus have been increasing year by year. Taking measures to prevent incidents such as the inclusion of foreign materials in food is also very important. Nowadays, many food manufacturers are adopting a new quality control system called HACCP. In addition, hospitals and similar facilities are constantly subject to the risk of intramural infection. In response to this, they need to adopt effective sanitary control systems. Being optimized systems, NABCO automatic doors not only both open and close, they also contribute to the sanitary control of various sites such as food processing plants and hospitals.

    Nabtesco Corporation
  • Cartesian coordinate robot BA-III series Cartesian coordinate robot BA-III series

    Toshiba’s Cartesian coordinate robot COMPO ARM has been chosen and utilized in a variety of production lines for its high reliability and excellent usability. Inheriting the features of the conventional models of the BA-II, the BA-III series offers improved functionality for better usability.

  • Vertically articulated robot TV series Vertically articulated robot TV series

    3 types of vertically articulated robots with arm lengths of 572 mm, 800mm and 1000mm, suitable for handling and assembly in cellar manufacturing systems. Standing in for human laborers, our TV series robots can be used in the manufacture of automobile or precision electronic components. Facilitates automation, labor savings and better productivity.

  • High Performance Power Transistor Socket Series C001 High Performance Power Transistor Socket Series C001

    In the power IC industry, high voltage resistant and high current devices have been actively developed in recent years, including the ones using SiC material. But up to now, there's been no test socket suited for such application. SDK has developed a high perfromance socket working under high temperature, satisfying such demands.

    SDK Co.,LTD
  • Camera Module Test Socket Camera Module Test Socket

    ◆Over 600 socket designs already supplied to customers ◆Device alignment feature can be incorporated to finely align the optical center of camera module with the socket center. ◆Almost all shapes of camera modules can be handled, ensuring direct contact with FPC or B to B connector in any module shape. ◆Capable of supporting testing from manual to ATE

    SDK Co.,LTD