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    Date of publish:19/02/2015
Distributors wanted

We introduce Japanese manufactures who are looking for distributors in Singapore.

Regarding more information of wishes of distributors/terms and conditions of business, etc., please ask through “Inquiry” button given in each company page/product page.


Products and services

  • High Precision & High rigidity, Gearhead RD2 series High Precision & High rigidity, Gearhead RD2 series

    Nabtesco's precision reduction gear is a reduction gear for precise motion control which uses a planocentric reduction gear mechanism. This reduction gear design has advantages in rigidity and resistace against overload with a compact body due to a large number of simultaneously engaged gear teeth. Furthermore, minimal backlash, rotational vibration and low inerita lead to rapid acceleration, smooth motion and accurate positioning. Features: - 3 input options : straight (RDS), right angle (RDR), pulley (RDP) - Solid shaft & hollow shaft - Pre-lubricated - High accuracy (backlash 1arc.min.) - High shock load resistance (withstands 5 x rated torque) - Good accel. performance (up to 2.5 x rated torque) - Usable in a wide range of applications - Total 131 models Lineup: - Rated torque 58 N.m ~ 3,136 N.m - Allowable staring/stopping torque 117 N.m ~ 7,840 N.m - Reduction ratio 1/31 ~ 1/253

    Nabtesco Corporation
  • Mold-resistant wall material Shikkui / plaster「Distributors wanted」 Mold-resistant wall material Shikkui / plaster「Distributors wanted」

    ‘Shikkui’ is a mold-resistant wall material even in hot and humid places. It is best used for houses, restaurants and hotels. Product features ・ Only high quality material are used at low price and high performance ・ Simply add water and knead ・ Excellent humidity control ・ Bactericidal effect / high level of security ・ Dust-resistant ・ Fire-resistant ・ Absorbs CO2 ・ Useable for interior and exterior walls ・ EM-containd ・ Made in Japan ※For further information, please contact us or download the brochure.

  • SCARA robot THL series (Arm lengths of 500mm - 700mm) SCARA robot THL series (Arm lengths of 500mm - 700mm)

    The SCARA robot THL series was developed bearing in mind the concepts of low cost, light weight and power savings. This globally strategic product targets Asian markets in particular and, to keep the price low, it focuses on features and performance designed to meet the needs of the global market. The THL series is available with arm lengths of 500mm - 700mm.

  • NABCO Automatic Door NABCO Automatic Door

    Nabtesco is well known in the world as a manufacturer of NABCO automatic doors. We aim to create comprehensive operating systems for automatic doors that are comfort to use for everyone. Our control technology makes urban life more convenient ranging from automatic doors to industrial door systems and platform screen doors that provide enhanced comfort and a sense of security in the platform. Since launching as Japanese first manufacturer of automatic doors in 1956, NABCO has consistently been a brand leader in this filed, supplying various types of automatic doors such as the airtight door, heat-proof and radiation shielding doors for specialized industrial application as well as regular doors. Also, NABCO’s automatic doors are widely found at the remarkable landmarks throughout the world, based upon reliable performance and the rich know-how.

    Nabtesco Corporation
  • Vertically articulated robot TV series Vertically articulated robot TV series

    3 types of vertically articulated robots with arm lengths of 572 mm, 800mm and 1000mm, suitable for handling and assembly in cellar manufacturing systems. Standing in for human laborers, our TV series robots can be used in the manufacture of automobile or precision electronic components. Facilitates automation, labor savings and better productivity.

  • Silicone Sheet Contact Silicone Sheet Contact

    Product Features: ◆Large contact area, low contact resistance(<100mΩ) and high electrical performance contribute to test yield improvement. ◆Very short electrical path ensures reduction in signal taransition time. ◆High pin count up to over 3000pins can be handled. ◆Mixed hole sizes possible on the same sheet. ◆As fine as 0.2mm contact pitch is available, using laser drilling technology. ◆Using low cost materials and simple architecture provide low cost ownership ◆Detection of missing device balls is possible with flat top surface of contact pin. ◆Soft touch with device ball minimizes ball damage.

    SDK Co.,LTD
  • Water-repellent corrosion inhibitor KC-80 Water-repellent corrosion inhibitor KC-80

    The best property of KC-80 is that immediately after the metal surface is treated and its water content has dried, it can be painted/coated. Coating film adhesion won’t be affected. KC-80-treated metal surfaces have water resistance, which gives anti-rust and anti-tarnish effects for a certain period of time. [Features] - Water repellent agent with a special surfactant as a main ingredient - Forms a thin monomolecular layer on the metal surface to repel water - Highly concentrated type is also available * For details, please download our catalogues or contact us.

    ASAHI Co., Ltd.
  • Silver surface treatment agent AGR-100 Silver surface treatment agent AGR-100

    Silver surface treatment agent AGR-100 removes tarnish naturally generated over time, allowing surfaces with metallic luster to reappear. [Features] - Great anti-tarnish agent, conforms to MIL-QQ-S-365D specifications for bright silver and semi-bright silver - Powerful protective film made of ammonium sulfide solution - AC-100 forms a protective film through chemical reaction with silver, with strong adhesion that never washes off with water * For details, please download our catalogues or contact us.

    ASAHI Co., Ltd.