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User's Voice vol.9

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  • Thermo-Friendly Concept Thermo-Friendly Concept
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    ControlledFor superb accuracies in “normal”manufacturing environmentsMachining accuracy of the workpiece changes signi‡cantly due to ambient temperatures around the machine, heat generated by the machine, and heat generated in machining. The Thermo-Friendly Concept is the unique concept of “accepting” these temperature changes so that high accuracy can be achieved in normal factory environments with no special measures by the user.

  • Collision Avoidance System Collision Avoidance System
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    NC controller (OSP) with 3D model data of machine components––workpiece, tool, chuck, xture, headstock, turret, tailstock––performs real time simulation just ahead of actual machine movements. It checks for interference or collisions, and stops the machine movement immediately before collision. Machinists (novice or pro) will bene t from reduced setup and trial cycle times, and the con dence to focus on making parts.

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Okuma Techno (Thailand) Ltd Singapore Branch Okuma Techno (Thailand) Ltd Singapore Branch
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