Matsumoto Machine MFG Co., Ltd. (57700)

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Matsumoto Machine MFG Co., Ltd.

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Matsumoto Machine MFG Co., Ltd.

A pioneer in centrifuges Matsumoto Machine Sales Co., Ltd.

Business description

Development and manufacture of various centrifuges
Sales of related chemical machinery, equipment, tools, etc.

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Company profile

We research, develop, manufacture and sell centrifuges that are widely used for medical applications, chemical production, agricultural product processing, mining and various other industries.

[Matsumoto’s ‘Total Produce’ concept covers the complete manufacturing process from beginning to end with our expertise and cutting edge technology.]
Matsumoto has cornered the market in the research and development of outstanding quality and safe-to-use centrifuges. Throughout our development, we have always committed ourselves to meeting customers’ needs. Not simply in manufacturing and delivering products, but from the design stage, our staff uses its longstanding experience and spends time with customers to find the best system solutions with the most suitable performance and specifications.

All Matsumoto employees, even our sales staff, work from an engineer’s point of view to achieve the best solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. Our products are the result of expertise gained over time blended with the world’s latest technology. We continue striving for even more advanced technology and innovative idea development, which we can apply to any customer’s needs. Essential systems for manufacturing processes such as linking technology between screen/PCs to centrifuges can also be produced from start to finish.

Postal code



Osaka, Japan


2-3-20, Minami Hanadaguchi-cho, Sakai-ku Sakai City

Established date



10000000 JPY

Number of employees

11 to 50

Main customers

Amano Enzyme inc.,Ajinomoto Co., Inc.,Air Water Chemical,API Corporation,Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.,Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,Ohara Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,Osaka Synthetic Chemical Laboratories, Inc.,Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,Osaka Shinyaku Co., Ltd.,Osaka Organic Chemical Industry Ltd.,Astellas Business Services,Kao Corporation,Ganz Kasei,Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.,Kurogane Kasei Co., Ltd.,Koei Chemical Company Ltd.,Kokura Synthetic Industries Ltd.,KNC Laboratories Co., Ltd.,Kobe Steel, Ltd.,Sampo Kagaku Kogyo,Sakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd,Sankyo Kasei,Sanuki Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,Sanyo Fine Co., Ltd.,Sanwa Cornstarch Co., Ltd.,Shionogi & Co., Ltd.,Sugai Chemical Ind Co., Ltd,Sumitomo Chemical Company,Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Company,Stellachemifa Corporation,Daito Chemix Corporation,Daicel Corporation.,Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd.,Daiso Co., Ltd.,Taoka Chemical Company, Ltd.,Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.,Daiichi Kigenso Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.,・・・

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