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FUJI Engineering&Technokogy FUJI E.T.)

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FUJI Engineering&Technokogy FUJI E.T.)

To those who work in Singapore chemical processing industry, welcome to this Small Satellite for you, engineers, to learn what is happening inside and how to operate the plant, promising a long-term trouble-free operation. Services are In-house Training、Basic Design、Interpreter, The Catalog Supply、Estimating Cost of

Business description

This satellite is offering you four other useful services!
●< an in-service training cource of "Clever Chemical Engineer's Operation of Processing plant>Content of lecture:1Run-through or simulation of practical start-up operation and 2Practical use of Chemical Engineering Technology for designing a processing unitCall on all of your wisdom and ingenuity you've learbed from this cource in the field of your company's chemical prasessing facility. You will catch on to what is a cause of trouble occurred in your plant quickly and will promptly settle the problem. The "long-term toublefree"operation of your plant contributes to a maximum annual profit for your company.
●●< Service of Basic Designing, Drawing, Searching catalog, estimating ,interviewing Japanese maler of the chemical processing unit>If you have a plan to buy s chemical processing unit(s) from Japan, send me the preliminary data of compotent composition of raw material and product, their feed rates, space dimention of install area, then I will provide you with a simple design draw of the units or chemical plant and send it to you by DHL. Those Japanese companies that I will contact for gathering information are of the following categories of chemical proces industry: Chemical Industrial Unit, Plant Framework,Periferal Facility for Plant, Chemical Product Phisical Distribution, Control&Mesurement, Analysis&Laboratory Analyzer, Safe Equipment, Powder and Granular Material, Transportation of Liquid, Engineering Computer System&Solution, Plant IT(=Information Technology) and Microchemical Process&Device too.
●●●<Role of interpreter for Japanese speachmaker at nternaational workshop where many technical terms of chemical engineering field appears one after another>
●●●●The catalog of the chemical processing unit matched up to your specification of raw materials and product will be carefully selected from World 1000 manufacturers (mostly Japanese makers)
●●●●●<Sservice of Estimating Cost of Importing or Exporting you Chemical Processing Unit(s)>

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Company profile

Name of company: Fuji E.T. Co., Ltd. (Importing & Selling Consultant)
Founded in: 1983
Location: 4-25-14 Shichirigahama-higashi, Kamakura, Japan
Rep.Director: Nobuaki Fujii
E-mail: nfujii@k9.dion.ne.jp
FAX: +81-467-31-5618
Capital: 10,000,000 Japanese Yen
Auditor: Tsutomu Kawabe
Main Bank: Mizuho Bank & Yokohama Bank
Fiscal Year: April 1st. through March 31st.

Business field certified in the Fuji E. T's Transcript registered to Ministry:
(1) Designing, manufacturing, procuring and/or marketing those system devices and software and parts related to Information processing telecommunication control, measuring Instruments, broadcasting.
(2) Designing, manufacturing, procuring and/or marketing those Equipment or Facilities related to chemical plant, environment preservation or others.
(3) Contracting Information Process and Scientific Calculation Services using computer system and its related devices.
(4) Consultant work related to the business above-mentioned.
(5) Any business works incidental to the business above-mentioned.

Postal code



Kanagawa, Japan


4-25-14 Shichirigahama-Higashi Kamakura City

Established date



10000000 JPY

Number of employees

Less than 10

Main customers

Black Sivalse&Brison(US),Scientific Design(US), JGCJapan, Chiyodakako,





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