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Borescopes Endoscopy with highest image quality

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  • Industrial endoscope ”Borescope” Industrial endoscope ”Borescope”
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    You can count on us for burr inspection! There are good reasons why our products are chosen! We have an extensive product lineup, including mini borescopes with high-temperature heat-resistant specifications as well as ultrathin diameter, swing prisms and so on, which, as a manufacturer specializing in endoscopy, we can proudly provide. We use a special glass rod with an optically processed edge. This rod lens system allows wide viewing angle, high luminance, sharp contrast and faithful colors compared with conventional lens systems. In addition, the depth of field is deep so that bright, sharp images can be projected. This allows quality testing of automobile parts as well as inspection for burrs on engine parts, casting cavities, residual sand on cast parts and cross hole areas.

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KARL STORZ Endoscopy Japan K. K.
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IHI Corporation Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Canon, Inc. Kirin Co., Ltd. Nippon Steel Corporation All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Denso Corporation The University of Tokyo Toshiba Corporation Toyota Motor Corporation Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.