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Tapered rollers & Dustproof rubber

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  • Tapered rollers Tapered rollers
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    Provide stable transport operation without contaminating the disc. The slot-loading disc drive system is used in many DVD players and CD players because it allows quick and easy disc loading/unloading. However, if the tapered roller is low in quality, problems can occur, such as slow drive operation after repeated use and disc loading failures. Yamauchi tapered rollers ensure stable transport over time without contaminating discs. Our products are known for their high quality and reliability.

  • Dustproof rubber Dustproof rubber
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    High-quality dustproof shield components are produced in a clean environment. When fine foreign particles adhere to the CCD or CMOS image sensor of a digital still or video camera, recording quality drops. This is why, despite their small size, dustproof rubber components (sealing rubber, shielding rubber), play such an important role in improving image quality by preventing the entry of foreign particles. Yamauchi uses designs based on high-quality antistatic materials and advanced analytical simulation to provide optimal dustproof rubber components for your products.

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YAMAUCHI Corporation YAMAUCHI Corporation
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