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Ryoko Industry Co., Ltd.

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Ryoko Industry Co., Ltd.

With pride in offering the world’s best technology, we will continue striving into the future.

Business description

- Powder process equipment
[Pneumatic conveyance system]
Our Air Blow Feeder can convey damp salt, dry powder and water. We have strived to provide the best possible pneumatic conveyance system, developed with our extensive technical expertise. It is suitable for the conveyance of powders in fields such as food and medicine, where hygiene and safety are essential and environmental measures must be considered. Safe to use because the substances are transported in conveying ducts or pipes together with air.

Our product lineup includes ribbon blenders/V-shaped mixers/double cone mixers and more. Select the mixer best suited to the powder properties and quality of the mixture. Ideal for food and chemical mixing.

Grinding mechanisms featuring minimal thermal denaturation. Crushing and screening combine in our continuous ultrafine grinding mills. Thanks to high-speed cutters, ultrafine powder is produced.

- Environmental equipment
[Fulvic acid iron manufacturing system]
This recycling system promotes the fermentation and decomposition of microbes in organic waste using scoop-type stirring equipment to produce high-quality compost containing fulvic acid iron.

Fulvic acid iron allows the creation of fertile fields which increase safe agricultural production as well as improvement of the marine environment by promoting sludge decomposition, reducing sea desertification or red tides to regenerate seas rich with seaweed and shellfish.

Compost can be used as low-cost fuel at 1/6 the cost of heavy oil.

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Company profile

Born of the mining machinery manufacturing section of our former operation, Ryoko Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 as a comprehensive manufacturer of powder process equipment and machinery.
In 1985 we developed a spray dryer. Because of its acclaimed technical capabilities, we have done numerous installations of pneumatic conveying systems, ultrafine mills, mixers, continuous feeders, classifiers, fermentation and decomposition systems, etc.

In particular, our pneumatic conveyance system “Air Blow Feeder” (patented) has the ability to convey wet powders, which had been considered impossible, a stunning new development that has transformed the manufacturing process or quality control in various industries.
Our grinding mechanisms (Cutting Mills) don’t cause thermal denaturation, and are widely used in the medical, food, and chemical industries, among others.
We manufacture custom-made products to suit the diverse properties of powders. We are committed to helping you achieve comprehensive plant management, including rationalization, labor-savings, quality control and environmental measures.
In our environmental program, we dedicate ourselves to producing healthful surroundings for all of us. Compost containing fulvic acid iron or water-soluble silicate contributes to healthy, tasty, trustworthy and safe agricultural products. It also purifies rivers, lakes and marshes and reduces sea desertification. This compost is attracting attention from various industries for use as a low-cost fuel (1/6 of the price of heavy oil) and as a material to improve the environment.

Postal code



Nagasaki, Japan


2167-1 Nishiumimachi Nagasaki-shi

Established date



10000000 JPY

Number of employees

Less than 10

Main customers

1) Food production
2) Chemical manufacturing
3) Ceramics, metal, powder business
4) Stock breeding
5) Industrial waste management
6) Local governmental entities






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