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  • Pin gauge set (Steel) Pin gauge set (Steel)
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    Individual pin gauges are available. JCSS adjustments can be applied. For customized gauges, please feel free to contact us.

  • Ring gauge (Ceramic) Ring gauge (Ceramic)
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    - Compared to steel, greater anti-abrasion, more durable over time with no dimensional changes - No rust or corrosion, easy maintenance - Contains no magnetic materials so no worries about magnetization - Less plastic deformation caused by scratches and dents, with no burrs or swellings - Light-weight and provides easy measurement - Ring sizes are laser marked on gauges

  • Taper gauge Taper gauge
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    Quick measurement of grooves or gaps!

  • Pin gauge set (Ceramic) Pin gauge set (Ceramic)
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    Made of ceramic with great durability! Anti-rust! Provides overall cost reduction.

  • Ring gauge (Steel) Ring gauge (Steel)
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    Used as master gauges for zero adjustment of hole-test, cylinder gauge, inside micrometer, dial caliper, inner diameter measuring, inner dial comparator, etc.

  • Welding gauge WGU-7M Welding gauge WGU-7M
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    - A wide variety of welding measurements - Suitable for general welding, reinforcement or assembly work at construction sites, shipyards, bridge building sites, etc. - Measurements can be read on the same surface so it’s easy to use

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Niigata seiki Co.,Ltd. Niigata seiki Co.,Ltd.
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