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Sludge Removal Pump (LA Cleaner) “LAX”

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  • Sludge Removal Pump (LA Cleaner) “LAX” Sludge Removal Pump (LA Cleaner) “LAX”
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    The LAX is a quick, easy and clean liquid cleaning pump which can suck sludge out of liquids, dry and remove it. Simple design with easy handling, compact and light-weight. You can easily operate the LAX anywhere. No valve operations required. Just switch the on/off the button to start sludge collection. The LAX sucks in air and thoroughly dries the collected sludge. As any remaining sludge is removed together with the bag filter, it’s clean and easy to handle. [Why choose the LAX?] - Speedy Simple design with easy handling - Straightforward to use Remove floating solids, particles, and deposits - Clean Dry the collected sludge and remove it easily For details, please contact us or download our catalogue.

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Nikuni Co., Ltd. Nikuni Co., Ltd.
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