4-inch Angle Grinder NAG-1F

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4-inch Angle Grinder NAG-1F

4-inch Angle Grinder NAG-1F

Including our latest model. the NGS-100, we provide a wide range of high performance and high quality grinders

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Automotive/Transport Machinery  Consumer Electrical Appliances  Other Manufacturing

Company information

Nippon Pneumatic Mfg. Co., Ltd Nippon Pneumatic Mfg. Co., Ltd

Products and services features

The NGS-100 is the first of its kind in the industry - a grindstone can be attached in just one step. Compared to our conventional air grinders, it can save grindstone attachment time by 1⁄4. It is light-weight at only 1060g, but it can still achieve power output of 700W. The NGS-100 is a light-weight, powerful and innovative air grinder.

The NAG-400 is the ideal heavy duty grinder. The power output is over 800W, which allows a grinding time 20% less that of conventional models.

To fit different types of work, 2 types of 7-inch grinders are available. The NAG-70S is a light-weight model, while the NAG-70A offers higher power. Even higher power models, our 9-inch grinders, are for heavier duty jobs.

Extremely powerful angle grinders NGP-100 and NGP-125 have been added to our line-up. Equipped with a 1200W spindle lock mechanism, these models achieve the highest power output in the industry. These powerful and useful models are the best ever air grinders.




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