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  • Kubota loss-in-weight feeder NX Feeder Kubota loss-in-weight feeder NX Feeder
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    Enrirely new weighing feeder with unique mechanical structure. (Patent pending) NX Feeder achives hgih feeding accuracy by improvement of anti-buridging function, stable material agitation and high material fulfillment to screw. NX Feeder covers various material.

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KUBOTA Corporation KUBOTA Corporation
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Weighing control system and Pellet screening system is used in Chemical industry, especially plastic manufacturer. Accurate weighing is important to make a high-value added plastics, and Kubota contributes the improvement of products quality by weighing system. Pellet screening system is used for screening contaminants, black spot in the plastic pellet and contributes the improvement of plastic quality. Gravimetric liquid filling machine is installed in many customer making Ink, Coating material etc. Especially, oversea customer purchase the liquid filling machine for reducing a labor cost which is increasing recently. Kubota contributes the improvement of productivity by accurate liquid filling. Digital load cell is the heart of the weighing system and applied in various industry. Espacially, we have a lot of reference for tank scale, hopper scale and truck scale application because Kubota digital load cell has high anti-noize and easy of maintenance function.