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Nabtesco Corporation

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Nabtesco Corporation

Precision Reduction Gear RV Supporting Several Global Frontier Industries

Business description

Manufacturing precision reduction gears

Nabtesco Precision reduction gears have long been used in the joints
of industrial robots to support their accurate and powerful motion.
Nabtesco’s stellar track record in this field covers more than 30 years.
Nowadays,Nabtesco's precision reduction gear is used in many fields
in addition to industrial robots, including machine tools, FPD
production machines, semi-conductor production machines, etc., due
to its high accuracy, high rigidity and compactness.

【Advantages of Nabtesco's precision reduction gears】
 - High accuracy (backlash & lost motion : Less than 1 arc.min. *excl. some models)
 - High rigidity
 - High shock load resistance
 - High torque density (High torque & Compact body)
 - Wide range of reduction ratios
 - Minimal vibration

【Product lineup】
Component sets (Reduction gear only)
- RV-N/E series
- RV-C/CA series
- RF-P series
- RV Original series

Gearheads (Reduction gear + Motor adopter + Lubricant)
- RD2 series
- RS series
- GH series
- RA series
- NT series

Servo Actuators (Reduction gear + Servo motor + Lubricant)
- AF series

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Tokyo, Japan


7-9, Hirakawacho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku





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Nabtesco Corporation


7-9, Hirakawacho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, 102-0093 Tokyo, Japan

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100億 JPY

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More than 1000




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