"Kyoto Opal" (resin impregnated type) decorative material

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"Kyoto Opal" (resin impregnated type) decorative material

"Kyoto Opal" (resin impregnated type) decorative material

Available for decorative applications combining various materials. Kyocera's original decorative material has the same optical properties and appearance as natural opal.

"Kyoto Opal " is a decorative material based on the same elements contained in naturally occurring opals, and is created with Kyocera's original gem synthesis technology.

By surmounting the inherently brittle characteristics of naturally occurring opals, which tend to split and crack, it is possible to cut Kyocera's opals into diverse shapes. This is because internal defects and excessive moisture, which can be referred to as the weak point of natural opal, are suppressed.
The resin impregnated type in flake form can be used as decoration mixed with various other materials.

"Kyoto Opal" is the generic name of an artificial opal Kyocera has developed as a decorative material and is only used in Japan.

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KYOCERA Corporation KYOCERA Corporation

Products and services features

■Same exterior and inner structure as natural opal
■Same play of color as natural opal
■Wide variation of colors
■Various shapes available through a wide variety of processing methods
■For solid decorative materials
■For photo luminescent pigment (powder)
■For decorative material combined with light curing resin (heat resistant to 900 degrees Celsius)

Usage / example

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