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  • USB interface communication adapter “MMLink-Lite 3G” USB interface communication adapter “MMLink-Lite 3G”
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    YASKAWA INFORMATION SYSTEMS “MMLink-Lite 3G” is a SIM-unlocked USB interface communication adapter for industrial use. With just one device you can connect to networks anywhere in the world. Compact in design, it can be activated with a USB connection and fixed by stays. As there is no restriction on installation, reliable remote operations are guaranteed. With its GPS positioning function, you can monitor the movement of cars, people and goods. [Features] ● Can connect to domestic or overseas carriers, global roaming carriers and MVNO networks ● Compact and lightweight, it can be installed in various environment ● Equipped with a GPS positioning function ● Easy installation with USB I/F cables ● 2 types, affordable standard and high-spec models, are available * For details, please download the catalog or contact us.

  • Global communication adaptor “MMLink-3G” Global communication adaptor “MMLink-3G”
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    “MMLink-3G” is a 3G/2G communication adapter that provides seamless global remote monitoring and system control. Just by setting parameters, the independent GPS positioning function is turned on, automatically sending position information to the host application at regular intervals to map movement. As this device supports industrial standard protocols, such as Modbus, MEMOBUS and MC, enhanced connectivity to industrial machinery is achieved. [Features] ● Support global standards of 3G and 2G ● Able to communicate in a wide range of areas ● Equipped with GPS positioning function ● Support various communication protocols ● Easy initial setting ● Support Cloud service “MMCloud” * For details, please download the catalog or contact us.

  • IoT/M2M Cloud service “MMCloud” IoT/M2M Cloud service “MMCloud”
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    “MMCloud” is a life-cycle management support Cloud service. It analyzes operational data collected from devices, using IoT/M2M technologies. It offers global monitoring solutions using Internet connections or celluler networks. Based on the device’s location, it can also deal with time zones or time differences and different interface languages, supporting a global operating environment. All device information is centrally collected and can be effectively utilized in any business processes, such as planning, development, sales and maintenance. [Features] ● Quick installation ● Support global deployment ● Collect and consolidate maintenance information and product quality data ● Equipped with a wide variety of standard functions ● Real-time visualization of collected data ● Flexible customization * For details, please download the catalog or contact us.

  • Machine failure prediction service “MMPredict” Machine failure prediction service “MMPredict”
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    “MMPredict” provides machine failure prediction using machine-learning technology with data collected from IoT platform “MMCloud”. Early detection of signs of failure improves facility maintenance efficiency. The status of the device is determined by analysis of correlation between various sensors data. Our engineering techniques, refined through long years of experience in embedded software development, are applied to data cleansing. Together with machine learning technology, we have developed a proprietary calculation method for highly accurate failure prediction. When signs of failure are detected, the level of contribution of each sensor is also reported to indicate the location of the failure. [Features] ● Failure prediction via machine-learning data derived from normal operations ● Highly accurate prediction ● Indication of failure location * For details, please download the catalog or contact us.

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