LED light for factories and warehouses “PR-DOME50/80/110”

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LED light for factories and warehouses “PR-DOME50/80/110”

LED light for factories and warehouses “PR-DOME50/80/110”

The PR-DOME50/80/110 is an LED light ideal for high-ceiling areas, such as those in factories and gymnasiums.
As the PR-DOME reaches its maximum brightness in just one second, it can be switched on and off quickly. For example turning off the lights during breaks is easier, which contributes to power savings. By replacing your current lights with the PR-DOME, a massive reduction in electricity bills and maintenance costs is guaranteed.
It is anti-rust and anti-salt coated and therefore can be used in coastal areas, where damage caused by seawater is often an issue. It is also IP67 rated against dust and water, and can be used both indoors and outdoors at factories or warehouses where levels of dust and humidity can be high. With its built-in battery, installation is easy.

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Target industry

Transportation/Logistic/Warehouse  Other Manufacturing  Construction

Company information

Prime Star Co., Ltd. Prime Star Co., Ltd.

Products and services features

• COB technology allows uniform brightness without glare
• Up to 70% reduction in power consumption
• Improves work environment with brighter light
• Lamps attract fewer insects
• Main components made in Japan based on high-quality design
• For leasing or rental agreements, no initial investment is required
• Durable, yet its light is gentle on the eyes
• Low noise design with consideration for precision machinery
• LED compliant with EMC international standards, CISPR11/15/22
• IP67 rated against dust and water, ideal for outdoor use

Usage / example

For use in the high ceilings of factories and warehouses, road-side lighting, street lighting, at construction sites, golf driving ranges, swimming pools, etc.

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LED light for factories and warehouses




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