Hyper Gel Sheet/Gel Tack

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Hyper Gel Sheet/Gel Tack

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Hyper Gel Sheet/Gel Tack RoHS

Highly adhesive vibration/shock absorption and fall prevention sheets used for anti-vibration and shock prevention of measurement instruments and precision equipment, temporary fixing and earthquake measures.

[Hyper Gel Sheet main features]
• Made of ultra-soft elastomer material, this product offers excellent energy absorption
• Absorbs more than 90% of impact with its excellent durability and strength
• Retains great anti-vibration characteristics even when frequency or temperature changes
• Softer material than standard rubber
• Washable and able to be used repeatedly
→ Washing will neither degrade the gel nor damage the sheet
After forming the sheet to a certain width, the Hyper Gel Sheet can be used as a damper to absorb machine vibration, or it can be shaped into washers, making the most of the material’s softness, elasticity and transparency.

[Gel Tack Main features]
• Ideal for preventing furniture from falling during earthquakes
• Gel Tack has passed our in-house magnitude-7 seismic tests
• The gel itself possesses strong self-adhesive properties, and is widely used in vibration/shock absorbing and cushioning materials
• The self-adhesive properties of this urethane gel allows repeated stick and peel off without leaving any adhesive residue behind
• Contains no plasticizer and leaves no adhesive residue behind
• Can be used for suction pads
• Surface resistance value is 10¹⁰Ω / □, with anti-static effects
• Washable and can be used repeatedly

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Target industry

Semiconductors/LCD/FPD  Industrial Machinery/Devices  Precision Equipment

Company information

Exseal corporation., ltd. Exseal corporation., ltd.

Products and services features

Hyper Gel Sheet/Gel Tack

[Hyper Gel Sheet product specifications]
• Hardness: three types of ASKER-C 30, 50, 70
(The smaller the number, the softer the material)
• Color: transparent
• Thickness: 1, 2, 3, 5mm
(For added adhesion on single-side type, 0.5mm is also available)
• Size: 500mm x 500mm
(Custom-sized products are also available. For details, please contact us.)

* Particularly effective for low frequency vibration (attenuating frequency of less than 23Hz)
* Since a gel doesn’t have any material direction, the product has the same effect in both vertical and horizontal directions.
* Dampers formed in a block shape are also available

[Gel Tack product specifications]
Hardness: ASKER-C 25
Thickness: 1 – 5mm
Shapes: sheet, square and round types

* Can be cut into any shape.
* When peeling off, pinch the edge of the gel tack and slowly pull it off.

Usage / example

[Hyper Gel Sheet application examples]
• Widely used as damper for shock absorption and cushioning
• Used as packing material when airtightness is required
• With its self-adhesive qualities, can be used for temporary positioning of electronic or optical components
• Used for vibration prevention for measurement instruments, machines, trolleys, etc.
The Hyper Gel Sheet can be placed under objects where vibration needs to be absorbed. To use it with trolleys, form the sheet into washers and place them between bolts and screws.

[Gel Tack application examples]
• To prevent falling of OA equipment and TVs
• To prevent falling of factory machinery and measurement instruments at research facilities

* Sheet style material
(1) Single material and (2) one-sided adhesive types are available
* Custom-made shapes are also available. For details, please contact us.

[Installation record]
Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd., etc.


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