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Bellnix Co., Ltd.

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Bellnix Co., Ltd.

Power supply manufacturer We are committed to fulfilling our customers' requirements using our proprietary technologies and vast experience.

Business description

Standard products: DC-DC converter is one of our flagship items, which is suitable for driving an advanced semiconductor such as FPGA stably, thanks to our superior technologies. This flagship product has been endorsed by global semiconductor manufacturers such as ALTERA and Xilinx.

Custom-made products: We are especially skilled in producing high-voltage power supplies with specifications requested by a customer as well as custom-made power supplies. Our products-- including those for medical equipment, telecommunication devices, equipment for aircrafts, railways and vehicle and research equipment for elementary particles-- have been used in a wide range of important fields. Such extensive experience makes us confident that we can meet the various requests of our customers.

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Company profile

Bellnix contributes to the world by challenging new fields and producing innovative items. We aim at developing unique products and enhancing our technical strengths.
We are currently developing items such as an industrial DC power supply that can be applied to the technologies of high-frequency converters, a high-precision DC high-voltage power supplies, DC-DC converters using the latest surface mount technologies as well as microcomputers. Besides accumulating advanced technology expertise, we also aim at commercially manufactured advanced electronics combined with the above technologies in order to meet the needs of the future.
The field of electronics has unlimited potential. In the industry, Bellnix in particular has the ambitious business mindset and challenging spirit required to steadily foster new projects. We continuously strive to develop unique and unconventional products.

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Saitama, Japan


5-7-8, Negishi, Minami-ku Saitama-shi,










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