All-electric injection molding machine EC30S

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All-electric injection molding machine EC30S

All-electric injection molding machine EC30S

The EC-S series is a global standard model with improved basic performance, developed with the concepts of precise and steady molding and high productivity in mind.

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Target industry

Automotive/Transport Machinery  Consumer Electrical Appliances  Semiconductors/LCD/FPD

Company information

Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd. Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.

Products and services features

■With high-speed mold opening/closing and injection, this series contributes to high productivity
1. New toggle mechanism: link line toggle + two piece rigid platens
 →Compared to conventional units, this series requires lower clamping force and contributes to machine size reduction
2. Dynamic acceleration/deceleration control (Patent pending)
 →This model guarantees mold opening/closing with great sensitivity but without vibration in any position
3. Highly sensitive injection
 →Contributes to shorter cycle time
4. Non-lubricated tie bars
 →Non-lubricated tie bars eliminate grease adhesion to molds and mold products to maintain a clean working environment
 → Anti-rust treatment is applied on the hopper inlet, preventing product contamination by rust or foreign objects.

■Powerful filling performance in high-speed and high-pressure environments contributes to smooth motion to achieve steady molding.
1. 40% improvement in speed control
 →Minimizes the variation of positions of pressure retaining control
2. High performance HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
 →10.4 inch color panel facilitates simple images
 →Available in multiple languages: Japanese, Chinese, English, Thai and Korean

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All-electric injection molding machine EC30S




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