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High Precision Vertical Machine UVM-450C(V2)

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  • High Precision Vertical Machine UVM-450C(V2) High Precision Vertical Machine UVM-450C(V2)
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    UVM-450C(V2) is a high cost-performance vertical machine developed with the concept of high speed and high quality machining. With our proprietary high precision aerostatic bearing spindle installed, this exceptionally precise model is ideal for precision mold processing. Compared to conventional machines, this model ensures lower running costs and offers significant improvement in machining quality. 1. 60,000 min-1 spindle installed ⇒ Machining time reduction 2. Non-contact air bearing ensures semi-permanent spindle life If the spindle should be damaged, the cost of repair is much less than for other manufacturers’ spindles ⇒ Maintenance cost reduction 3. High rotation accuracy extends tool life dramatically In addition, no time limitation on continuous rotation at high speed allows machining with just small-diameter tools 4. Significant improvement in finished surface quality ⇒ Reduces amount of polishing required 5. Significant improvement in machining accuracy ⇒ Achieves high value-added machining 6. With a number of optional accessories such as a rotating table, various processes can be carried out with just a single machine ⇒ Various functions are possible with this machine

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Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd. Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.
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