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    We provide two types inser nut : "Screw-in type" and "Press-fit type". "Screw-in type" It is used for strengthening or repairing screw holes of plastic, light metal, steel plate and so on. In case of tap-working for plastic, light metal and steel plate products, it is also available for refabrication of defective female-screw. If the female-screw is fragile when produts are being tapped, you can plug and clamp it firmly by inserting this nut. "Press-fit type" : It is used after resin-forming. When resin is formed and a hole is made,this nut can be inserted in it by thermal compression bonding. 【Screw-type nut features】 ○ Since it is threaded by NC automatic lathe, the quality is pretty high. ○ It is easy to insert in an short time and screws can be tightened firmly. ○ When it is inserted, you can fix it firmly by using locking items. ○ In case it is inserted under-hole threaded, you can fix it by using insertion jig. ●For the details, please inquire or download the catalogue.

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Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd. Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd.
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