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FA apparatus/Control device

FA apparatus/Control device

  • Mitsubishi Materials' NTC Thermistor Sensors Mitsubishi Materials' NTC Thermistor Sensors
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    What is a thermistor? A thermistor is a device type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature, more so than in standard resistors. Assuming, that the relationship between resistance and temperature is linear, then:    ⊿R = α ⊿T Thermistors can be categorized into two types, depending on the classification of α. If α is positive, the resistance increases with increasing temperature, and the device is called a Positive Temperature Coefficient(PTC) thermistor. If α is negative, the resistance decreases with increasing temperature, and the device is called aNegative Temperature Coefficient(NTC) thermistor. PTC thermistors are used self-resetting overcurrent protectors like a fuse, or are used self-regulating heating elements. NTC thermistors are used widely as a temperature sensors, or are used inrush current limiter. NTC thermistor application is widely used for temperature detection of electronic devices and appliances for NTC thermistor function, performance and price reasons. Mitsubishi Materials' NTC thermistors are manufactured from high purity and uniform materials to achieve a construction of near-perfect theoretical density. This ensures small size, tight resistance and B-value tolerances, and fast response to temperature variations, making a highly sensitive and precision component. Thermistor is available in a wide range of types to meet your demands for small size and high reliability.

    Target industry: Automotive Parts Consumer Electrical Appliances Industrial Machinery/Devices

    Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Electronic Components Division

  • Baking systems Baking systems
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    We have a range of MFC-related products that meet a wide variety of needs using sophisticated mass flow control technology. Liquid source gasification and supply systems, automatic pressure controllers, etc.—all products focusing on safety with excellent operability

    Target industry: Industrial Machinery/Devices

    IBS Inc.

  • Capacitive Touch Switch Capacitive Touch Switch
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    Noritake's glass Capacitive Touch Switches a fully customised front panel solution combining high sensitivity capacitive touch with high definition photo lithographic etching.

    Target industry: Measurement/Analytical Instruments Information/Communication Devices Industrial Electrical/Control Equipment

    Noritake itron Corp.

  • Overload detector “Torque limiter” Overload detector “Torque limiter”
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    Torque limiters detect overloads immediately to shut off input and output to protect machines. Overloads are detected accurately and the drive key removed from the groove to cut off input and output. Once the overload is resolved, operation can continue automatically at the same torque from the same indexing position. Torque is set using a built-in torque spring, so there is no troublesome fine-tuning. Torque limiters also serve as flexible couplings, and can be used either by butting two shafts together or by wrapping. Since power is transmitted by a drive key, they can be used safely even in oil. [Features] - Overloads are accurately detected - Accurate reactions protect machines from damage caused by overloads * For details, please contact us or download the catalogue.

    Target industry: Automotive/Transport Machinery Industrial Machinery/Devices Industrial Electrical/Control Equipment


  • High Performance Thermal Control System High Performance Thermal Control System
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    SDK Thermal Control System controls DUT temperature by transferring heat directly to DUT through thermal stage. SDK, with full responsibility, manage designing of the total system from thermal to mechanical (test stage/fixture),realizing the best optimized system. The system is compact, desktop style, just weighing 20kg. It's quiet, causing little vibration, not requiring compressed air.

    Target industry: Semiconductors/LCD/FPD Electrical/Electronic Parts Automotive Parts

    SDK Co.,LTD

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