Ceramic Capacitors

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Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic Capacitors

Producing the world’s best high-quality capacitors for over half a century

Multilayer ceramic capacitors are used in all electronic equipment worldwide, from everyday home appliances to automobiles and more.
With our customers’ complete confidence in our technologies and reliability, Murata’s capacitors are used in the hybrid or electric cars which will take us into the next generation, and space exploration equipment in which high reliability is crucial. Our capacitors are also utilized in high-performance mobile phones such as smart phones, LED lights and other home appliances, and many more products essential to our society.
Murata is committed to meeting our customers’ every need and providing the best solutions in the industry thanks to our outstanding product line-up.

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Target industry

Automotive/Transport Machinery  Consumer Electrical Appliances  Information/Communication Devices

Company information

Murata Electronics Singapore (Pte.) Ltd. Murata Electronics Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.

Products and services features

- High quality/ excellent reliability
- An extensive product line-up
- Over half a century as the leading manufacturer in the market
- Worldwide sales and supply system
- Product development technology to meet every customer’s needs

Usage / example

- Communication equipment, computer related products, AV equipment, general consumer devices such as home appliances
- Automobiles