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Introduction of AIOI SYSTEMS' business

Introduction of AIOI SYSTEMS' business

Offer of building optimal logistics systems on wire-saving network

AIOI SYSTEMS offers various systems, including Digital Picking System (DPS), to solve customers' problems encountered in manufacturing and distribution operations. AIOI will provide you with the best suited system on wiring-saving network so that your factory or logistic center can be efficiently operated, AIOI's devices can all be installed on non-polar (+/-) two-wired line, wiring-saving network. You can have your system most cutomized by utilizing the special feature of wiring-saving network,

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Introduction of AIOI SYSTEMS' business

【Business Introduction】
[Manufacturing/Logistics Solutions]
○ Digital Picking System
→ To provide more efficient logistics operations, more than 5000 various systems are now in operation in logistics centers worldwide.
→ Compared to operations according to job card/slip and/or work instrucion, DPS improves operation speed and operation accuracy by 2.5 times and 1.5 times, respectively.
○ Free Location System
→ If you want to install light modules freely, if you want to work while moving along, or if you want to eliminate cable, AIOI would be able to meet your requests..
→ Ultrasonic waves improve efficeincy of work trafic lines significantly
○ Digital Work Shop, Digital Stand with Pokayoke Screen type
→ Overall Contrl of Parts picking, Selection of Tool, Mounting and Work instruction
→ Picking System operating with Work instructions
○ Smart Tag
→ Visible RFID Tag
→ Possible to see the data written in the lC chip without any Reader
○ Smart-AI
→ Overall Control System of In-house devices
→ Possible to build the systems for In-house control and Security control at lower cost




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